The vineyards of the Coteaux Charitois
After having almost disappeared, the vineyards of the region around La Charité are now renowned. The vineyards are to the east of the town, mainly in the villages of Nannay, Chasnay, and La Celle-sur-Nièvre.

Monastic plantations

The climate of the Loire Valley and the sunny slopes above the Loire led to the development of vineyards in the middle ages, managed by the Benedictine monks from the priory. They encouraged the plantation of vines, bought some vineyards and were donated others. In the 14th century the vineyards expanded, each domain had its own wine, and the “fruity wines of the Nièvre slopes” were appreciated at the tables of the counts of Nevers and the dukes of Bourgogne. This good reputation was kept for several centuries, until philloxera killed almost all the vines in the 19th century. There were just a few residents of the region who managed to keep some vines for their personal consumption.

The renewal of the vineyards

Wine growers who were passionate about their trade decided to replant the vines of the Coteaux Charitois in the middle of the 80s, and the landscape of vineyards reappeared. The present vineyards are composed of many small plots and cover almost 54 hectares. It has been reborn with typical grape varieties from Burgundy – Chardonnay for white wine and Pinot Noir for the red. The well drained stony limey clay soil, along with the slopes that really catch the sun, give a high-quality, light, fresh and quaffable wine. Their fruity, sun-filled taste wins them many awards in national and international wine competitions. The wine has the label of controlled origin ‘Vin de Pays’. All of the local restaurants offer Coteaux Charitois to accompany their dishes. Local wine growers offer visits of their vineyards and can sell visitors their wines. Drink with moderation.

For a list of local vineyards, please click here.

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Marque "Côtes de La Charité"
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Grappe de raisin des Côtes de La Charité
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Le vin des Côtes de La Charité, servis lors du festival du Mot
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Vignoble des Côtes de La Charité
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Visite guidée de Vinitour