The side channel in the Loire
The side channel in the Loire is close to La Charité-sur-Loire, the port of Chapelle-Montlinard is 2 km. The channel makes the happiness of the amateurs of yachting, who stop in the port, the time of a stopover for a visit of the priory, or to take advantage of edges of the Loire. The Loire with bike, route in bus lane left bank, dedicated to the cycle touring, goes along the Loire or its side channel.


The Loire was widely used for the transport of goods, but is known to be with difficulty feasible because of the permanent blocking with sand of its prize and the important variations of its debit.
The creation of a river system in France begun in the 17 century, the need for river connection increases during the next 2 centuries, carried by the industrial revolution.

The channel of the Center which connects the Saône in the Loire is finished in 1793, after 10 years of works.
The necessity of a connection of Digoin-Briaire appears then. Napoleon 1st decides on the construction of this Channel in 1806. This project is the object of strong discussions until 1822, dates when it is put down.
Problems settle then on his setting-up: a city of Nevers, La Charité-sur-Loire, Pouilly-sur-Loire and Cosne-sur-Loire installed on the hillsides of the river does not allow the construction of a channel on this bank. These cities are not moreover anxious to be separated from the Loire which assures their prosperity. The Channel will thus be built on the left bank, the works will begin only in 1827, and they will be finished in 1838 under Louis - Philippe’s reign.

The Bridge Channel of the Guétin and the Bridge Channel of Briare

The crossings of rivers are a veritable problem for the construction of channels. It is necessary to cross the Allier at the Guétin and the Loire at Briare. A concrete canal bridge is built in the Guétin, it heights 470 meters long.
To Briare, the construction of a concrete canal bridge is not possible, the project of a channel bridge is adjourned, and the crossing of the Loire will be made in its beds. At the end of the 19th Century, the invention of soft steel returns the construction of a channel bridge, metallic, conceivable. The channel bridge of Briare is built from 1890 to 1897.

The Port of La Chapelle-Montlinard

The port of Chapelle-Montlinard has a length of 170 meter quay, equipped with a water source and with electric borders. A municipal project is for the study to rehabilitate the port.

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