Gardens and Mills
Belonging completely to the heritage, gardens and mills are places where reign a tranquillity and a lifestyle. The Arboretum Adeline’s owner and of the Mill open the doors of their domain during big meetings: a day of Mills, a day of Gardens, Heritage Days by appointment.


Arboretum Adeline - La Chapelle-Montlinard
You will discover on this exceptional site a large diversity of rare vegetables trough a guided tour, for a real exchange between enthusiasts of plants.
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Mill of Janlard - Nannay
In 15 km of La Charité-sur-Loire, the mill of Janlard is in the course of restoration. The current mill dates 1850. Its paddle wheel was put back in service in 2011, the metallic gearings and both pairs of grindstones remained intact since the stop of the mill in 1928.
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