Ten years of restoration and of contemporary creation
Since 2001, the priory of La Charité-sur-Loire is the object of a vast work of restoration, the various spaces are returned little by little to the public who discovers them with delight. Year 2012 brings the creation of the monument by the installation of contemporary stained-glass windows in the chapter house.

Since 2001, a vast work of restoration

2001-2004: Arrangement of the Gardens of Benedictines and protection of excavations of church St Laurent.
2003-2004: Works of restoration of the east façade of the priory.
2005-2008: Works of restoration of the east wing of the priory’s ground-floor (capitulary house, Merimee room, East gallery of the cloister).
2007-2008: Works of restoration of the north wing of the priory’s ground-floor (rooms of the 18th Century, north gallery of the cloister).
2010-2011: Works of restoration of the envelope of the north wing of the priory and arrangement of the cloister.
2012: Works of restoration of the main portal.

Others works of restoration are to come:
- Take back roof and structures of the east wing of the priory.
- Consolidate the way Merimee.
- Develop the east wing of the priory.
- Develop the castle courtyard.
- Take back roofs of the church Notre-Dame (Our Lady).

File over ten years of restoration – edition of December, 2011

Labels City of Art and History and Cultural Centre of Meeting

In 2011, the label City of Art and History is according to La Charité-sur-Loire. This label recognizes all actions which were realized for more than 10 years. It fixes new quality requirements for years to come.

In 2012, La Charité-sur-Loire became a Centre Culturel de Rencontre a rare distinction (15 sites in France) which associates to a remarkable site, here the priory, a strong theme, the word and the creation, with a cultural quality programming. Thanks to its distinctions, the site of La Charité-sur-Loire, recognized by the National level, wins in fame.

The Contemporary Creation, the stained-glass windows: works of the New Yorker Christopher Wool

Then for more 10 years dedicated to restore the priory, the contemporary creation invited itself in its walls and the 21th Century brings its touch to the monument. At the end of 2012, stained-glass windows of the chapter house and of Merimee room are inaugurated.

The art of stained-glass window making is the first one for Christopher Wool, New Yorker artist, who for more than 30 years completely dedicated himself to the painting, to its space and to its specificities, to his unique capacity to report the reality.
The invitation which was made for him to create stained-glass windows for the chapter house of the priory, involved inevitably a real novelty, a challenge!

The talents of the New Yorker artist were associated to the competence and to Pierre Alain Parot’s know-how, the burgundian master glazier, among whom the listening, its curiosity and its patience immediately created the ideal conditions so that the artist can freely investigate the possibilities and the challenges which opened to him.

The transparency of the support’s question, which actually inverts gives it to the painting, the opaque support on which the material is added, quickly settled to the artist.
Any attempt to put a pictural gesture made opaque the glass.
After several months of reflection, when the lead used to assemble pieces of stained-glass window, it appeared as a possible tool.
The first sketch that Pierre Alain Parot transposed having proved convincing in terms of rhythm and composition, the track of the lead was thus retained.
The choice of the bright yellow allows stressing the beauty of the lead’s line.

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The Charitois’ heritage is alive! All the years, events, concerts, festivals, conferences, exhibitions take place here. Do not hesitate to contact the tourist office to know the opening of different spaces, sometimes closed in public because already occupied.

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